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Thirsty Halloween

Sarah was looking at herself in the mirror, naked, she was tall and young. Yesterday, she just turned twenty-five. It was on the 30th of October. Although she wished her birthday was on the day of Halloween, Sarah was excited for it. Her catwoman dress that she was about to wear made her forget about her birthday. Its celebration was awesome, but there was something about Halloween that made her all curious. As it was autumn, the inside room was warm & cozy. Sarah still hadn’t put on her dress. For some reason, she kept looking at her boobs. Her nipples were hard.

“Am I missing something? Why do I feel horny?” she asked herself out loud.

At that moment, I entered her room. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” I said as I was coming from work. I turned while covering my eyes. “At least, keep your door closed.”

“I wasn’t aware,” replied Sarah. “Plus, I don’t mind you watching me naked.”

My heart started to beat. I had always wondered what Sarah would look like naked. Many times, I had seen her in tight clothes. It would turn me on and later in the night, I would masturbate to it while thinking about her tight, wet pussy. Also, I liked her shining black hair that cascaded down her back. Now, as I un-covered my eyes, I saw that hair covering her boobs. But I could also see her juicy ass. It made me more thirsty and wet. I felt like rubbing her pussy, but the biggest distraction was how bad I wanted to eat her ass. But, I hadn’t confessed it yet.

“Jayda, where are you lost? Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?” asked Sarah jokingly. “Also, you look bomb in your Harley Quin outfit.”

She was very casual. When she wore her catwoman dress and then hid her eyes with a mask, I was blown away by her beauty. Her round, plump ass looked inviting, while her boobs were perky and firm, begging to be squeezed.

“Let’s go,” I said. “We are getting late for the party.”

The party was held in Downtown by a guy named Mathew. He was one of our co-workers. When we reached his penthouse, I could tell he was horny for both of us right away. He hugged Sarah and he gave me a kiss on my left cheek. But Sarah could see the way Mathew was looking at me, and I could see the change in her expression. She wasn’t happy, so she left to grab a drink with other friends. Mathew, on the other hand, was just trying on me. But my eyes were on Sarah.

Something inside me told me to ditch Matthew and hang out with Sarah. So, thats exactly what I did. I came toward her and she could see me coming in her direction. When I caught up to her, I asked if she was upset.

“Why?” asked Sarah.

“Because you left so abruptly earlier, I just thought something was wrong.“ I replied.

Sarah then blossomed like a flower. She took my hand and took me to an empty room. The moment we entered there, Sarah took her panties down and started masturbating while smooching her lips. I didn’t know what to do, and fell on the bed. Sarah then spread my legs, pulled my panties aside, and started tonguing my pussy. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, and I started moaning while pressing Sarah’s head tight inwards. Licking my pussy wasn’t enough for het, she made me the dinner tonight. Sarah started rubbing her pussy against mine till she was on the verge of orgasm. When she made herself cum, I couldn’t help myself and went to lick her pussy as she was cumming.

“You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” Sarah teased.

It was her turn now. She motioned me to be in a doggy-style position. It was then she smacked my round ass and took things to the next level. My panties still set aside, and ass now in the air, she stuffed her mouth and licked everything. The intensity of pleasure was so much that I pulled her back and then slid my hand under Sarah’s boobs, squeezing the left nipple, while she turned to kiss me. Our tongues were like swords clashing with each other. With one hand still caressing Sarah’s nipple, I used the other hand to finger Sarah’s pussy so hard she came again. We both knew that we could cum multiple times, and we both did. Our lust didn’t end there, it continued the whole night. It was a thirst that couldn’t be quenched.

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