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Finding your inner peace

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Right now, I'm looking out into the Caribbean Sea and taking note of the pattern of the waves. As I observe how some of the waves are boisterous and suddenly become calm, my mind begins to wander. I'm thinking over the events that have transpired this year, and suddenly I can relate to the waves in the sea. Just as these gusty waves abruptly become calm, settled, and peaceful, such is my life.

I believe we have all experienced situations, circumstances, and even people that have disturbed our peace. At least I know that I have. But one lesson the sea has taught me tonight is that the same ebullient waves that can disrupt our order can also be the cause of our inner peace if we allow them to.

This year has brought me many gusty winds and turbulent waves. From sick family members to significant career changes, I've had my fair share of blustery days. Being the type of person who values being able to manage my life and every situation regarding it, it has been quite the challenge facing situations that are entirely out of my control. Experiencing the high winds and waves of life can be terrifying when they come with circumstances that you can't command. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, the situations work themselves out, and there is peace. I've begun to realize that the same circumstances that shattered my tranquility were the same ones that spearheaded my growth and ultimately led to order.

I'm not a very religious person, but I believe the universe, nature, and natural elements will teach us lessons if we allow them to. It's like the sea is speaking to me, reminding me that there is a calm after turbulence and peace after chaos. Some of you reading this may be experiencing the choppy winds and raging waves of life, and perhaps you're holding on by a thread. Just don't let go of that thread, because in the blink of an eye, you may discover that the very circumstances that have caused you anguish may be the same ones that eventually bring you peace.

The sea is speaking to us now, and it’s reminding us that after chaos, there is peace. Whatever turbulence life has brought upon you, I hope that the calmness of the waves returns to your circumstances and that you’re able to find inner peace.

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