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Applying repose in the middle of uncertainty

With a global crisis now a reality, it's not uncommon to get discouraged or feel anxious and unsafe. I've grown accustomed to planning everything, but I've recently found that making arrangements can be a difficult task when I can't control the outcome. Applying repose and maintaining it is a practice that I value to the point of detachment from anything that threatens my pursuit of peace. But how can I distance myself from conditions that are not within my grasp? I realize that a significant component of obtaining peace of mind for me lies within my ability to not only make plans for my future but to ensure those plans ensue. But, the assurance I once felt in trusting that my intentions will take place is a luxury, not a guarantee.

Although many of the current circumstances I'm exposed to are out of my control, there are some things I can do. Here's what I've cultivated so far.

Manage what I can:

"The goal isn't to get rid of all your negative thoughts and feelings, that's impossible. The goal is to change your response to them." - Unknown

One thing that I'm quite aware of is that I am not a superhero. I cannot solve every problem or fix everything that requires a solution. What I do have the ability to do, however, is manage the things that are within my grasp. Now more than ever, I'm learning the art of directing the things I can, and not stressing over things I cannot control. I believe in being realistic about my situation and whatever challenges I face. Still, I am discovering that vexing over things that are outside of my jurisdiction isn't good for me and could potentially make things worse up the road. I've decided that if it's necessary to focus on extreme circumstances, my best plan of action is to begin by concentrating on what I can impact rather than what I cannot. Realigning my focus on the execution of manageable processes is a better use of my energy than agonizing over things I have no power over.

Find a healthy outlet (despite being quarantined):

One of the reasons I began blogging and writing again is because it gives me a healthy outlet. Whether I feel troubled, overwhelmed, and excited, or I want to write about good news and put new goals into action, writing (or typing, in this case, lol) is my go-to. It's proven to be an adequate release for me.

Detach when necessary: 

I realize that not all "news" and posting about the pandemic are informed and accurate. In the same way, I may be experiencing anxiety about the uncertainty of current events; I realize others may be experiencing this too. Although I've concluded that public posting from a place of fear can potentially do more harm than good, that doesn't mean others are of the same belief. To some, that type of activity is their release. With that said, I have found ways to create balance by remaining up to date and aware of current events without consuming misleading information, or ideas that can be anxiety-inducing.

Try to live in the moment rather than the future, which is uncertain: 

Let's face it; the future has never been a guarantee. Although I may have had a better chance of controlling life's events before all of this, I have never been able to predict the future. Now that I (we) are facing a global crisis, I still cannot predict the future, so I realize that it's not productive to panic about what is outside of my control. I'm not indicating that I plan on being unprepared for the future or worst-case scenarios, but that I have found a balance between preparation & living in the moment. Because right now is the only moment that I have.

Some of you may be reading this blog, and you're experiencing various emotions about the pandemic crisis. Or perhaps some of you have decided not to care at all. I hope that whatever methods you've chosen to manage this situation, that you've found a way to implement safety and repose as a part of your strategy.

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