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Life lessons in the woods

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I'm sitting on the balcony right now, admiring the trees in the woods directly behind me. The autumn leaves look so beautiful as some are turning orange and others brown, some of them missing leaves altogether. Gazing into the woods, I found myself in a trance staring in awe at the beauty of the trees, when it dawned on me that I may be able to learn something new from them today. I decided to ask myself this question, "What knowledge can I gain from the trees right now?".

I'm starting to see life in terms of lessons. I've decided that no matter what situation I'm up against, that I will learn and grow from it. When I find myself in situations where life gets my attention (whether it be through worry, fear, anxiety, etc.), I'm learning to slow down and ask myself "what can I learn from this and how can I grow from this?". I no longer view circumstances in terms of wins or losses, or even right or wrong, but rather "what can I learn?" and "how can I get better as a result of this?".

Admittedly somewhat "high on life" by now, my mind began to wander, and I became reminiscent of past experiences, relationships, my childhood, and how some of these situations impacted me. Uncomfortable with dwelling in the past for too long, I quickly shifted back to the present time, where I found myself unable to see any relatable lesson to learn from these trees.

I began to think that there was no knowledge to gain from them, so I gave them one more long look, and with a deep breath, I exhaled. And then it hit me. I started to observe how tall and robust these trees are. They're quiet, never making a sound, but prominent in that they withstand so much and yet remain intact. From season to season, they endure the wind and rain, the storms, the heat, and the cold. Some have even withstood hurricanes and natural disasters. Their leaves are withered and dry because the elements have worn them down, but in a few months, they'll rebuild themselves and start over with fresh, new beautiful leaves. It finally dawned on me, that this is the lesson I can learn from the trees today. Like me, they've endured a lot and yet are still standing. Nearly unmoveable, and "unfuckwitable," "these trees are the real OGs lol. Each season that's passed has thrown everything they had at them, and they're still standing tall and mighty, quietly enjoying the breeze, and unbothered.

Now I realize my life has a lot of similarities to these trees, and maybe yours does too. Some of us have endured hardships, struggles, bad news, haters, clout chasers, rumors, lies...and yet we're still standing, still thriving, and still unbothered.

Some of you are reading this, and have experienced drastic changes due to seasons of life. I realize the heat, wind, storms, and other elements have tried to come for you, but you're still standing, you're still here, you're still thriving, and hopefully, you're still unbothered.

The trees are teaching us something today if we're listening. If the heat, storms, wind, and rain didn't demolish them, it doesn't have to destroy us either. We can endure the seasons' life throws at us, and come out firm in the end.

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