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New Neighbors

It was around noon, and I was doing chores around the house when I heard a commotion happening down the hall. It sounded like pots and pans, and loose items were banging around everywhere. This sound was unusual, especially at noon on a weekday, in this apartment complex. Everybody was pretty quiet here for the most part, and at noon, most people would be at work. I was at home, though, because I worked from home. The commotion kept continuing, and eventually, it piqued my in

A Familiar Face

I rolled my suitcase behind me as I brushed past the herd of people at the busy airport. When I finally made it to a less crowded area, I turned on my phone and opened the Lyft app. I booked a nearby driver to come and pick me up because I did not drive to the airport. The app estimated that my Lyft driver would arrive in about ten minutes, so all I could do until then was wait. Thankfully, I was standing right next to a large window, and I could see the pickup location outsi

A Fresh Start

I'm glad I finally decided to move. Things where I was living had become extremely complicated, and I desperately wanted and needed a fresh start. Moving can be a refreshing experience and hectic at the same time because it brings with it the obstacles of locating a new home, a new job, and meeting new people. During my initial hunt for a new place to live, I came across a listing for a mid-town loft that was for rent, and the location was perfect! It was near lots of shoppin

A night out

It was a Saturday night, and like any other, I was looking for some excitement. I usually hang out with my friend Layla, but tonight she has other plans. Despite not having anyone to accompany me, I was determined to enjoy myself and decided to go out alone. I ended up at a posh lounge that I’d been eager to check out for some time. I ordered my favorite drink and made my way to the center of the room, where I started dancing to the bouncy club music that blared throughout th

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